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10 items from our shop that you need now!

Posted by Vino Kilo on

Hello, vintage lovers and welcome to another session of fashion talk. After the major comeback of the retro style, the streets of 2017 are finally coming to life again. Everywhere we turn we can easily spot the queen and king of the season, aka the denim jacket and high waist jeans, also called mom jeans. It also looks like people have more courage to mix colors. Could this be the end of black and white? Probably not, but it’s for sure the beginning of a more outspoken era, fashionably speaking.

This having been said, if you are a retro fan or you just want to try something new and you want to become the happy owner of trendy vintage treasures, Vinokilo is there for you. Did you miss us at our last event? That’s not a problem because now you can find our goodies in our online shop as well.


To give you a bit of guidance about what’s ‘hot’ at the moment in the urban fashion sphere, the Vinokilo team put together a list of 10 items that you must have no later than now, if to be a retro guru is what you want this Christmas J


  1. The mono color t-shirt

We are witnessing the basic t-shirt reinventing itself. We are not talking anymore about the t-shirt that you wear underneath layers and layers of clothing, but about a statement item.


  1. The denim jacket

Is it too cold for wearing just a blouse or too warm for furry clothes? Go for the denim jacket and give your look a rebel vibe.


  1. The oversized shirt

The retro trend brings more colors into our lives, but that doesn’t mean that black is not in our top preferences anymore. For those who love darker colors, there’s nothing cozier than our oversized black denim shirt.


  1. The raincoat

Is November weather letting you down as well? We feel you! Just make sure you stay stylish, happy and dry.


  1. The sweater weather

Probably the best thing about bad weather is an oversized sweater that can teleport you to warmer lands.

  1. The denim shirt

Vinokilo team has decided: people that wear denim shirt have more fun.


  1. The bumper

The bumper is the new cardigan. Wear it with pride!


  1. The leather bag

The vintage leather bags are probably the ultimate story telling items from our collection. If you want to bring more personality to your outfit, they are the ‘go for’ accessories.


  1. The puffy jacket

Is the padded jacket still the old reliable that keeps you warm no matter what? Of course, it is related to walking the dog, cycling to work and running to school as much as it is related to catwalks this season.



  1. The jumper

This season, the jumper is the sweater’s little sister. We also like to call it the comfort clothing item for sporty people.


We really hope you liked our list and before you go, let us know what your favorite item is. 




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