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5 tips for your Knitwear Care routine

Posted by Vino Kilo on

Winter is still here, while we all go crazy for knitwear, we also struggle in handling them. Nice clothing care can let the clothes stay "alive" for many years (considering the fact that I wear a lot of my mom's and grandma's clothes). As much as we all love knitwear, we hate the pilling, shrinkage, and crazy tons of problems on them. Just in case you are as lazy as me, you are at the right place to get 5 tips of knitwear care. Check out the tips and stay warm with your favorite knitwear in the upcoming Winters without hassles!

#1 Shave those buggers!

All you need is a disposable razor or Velcro for the whole time. Shave all those fuzz and pilling gently, it is going to help you to cut off the tiny knots. Remember never pull those pills and snags as you will take away extra pieces and damage the structure.



#2 Wash it properly if you use the washing machine

Yes, it's always better to hand-wash your knitwear, but perhaps you are as lazy as me. So just make sure you pay attention to the following things when you wash the knitwear with washing machine:

  1. Turn your clothes inside out and put it in a mesh bag
  2. Choose cold water and use a gentle mode in your washing machine



#3 Treat them well throughout Spring & Summer

Treat them better than your ex because you will see each other again the next year. Place them with some dried herbs in a fully enclosed plastic bags without air. These bags can be easily bought online with a hole for you to "vacuum" out all the air. And believe me, if you love them, this is already the easiest way to keep them nice, otherwise, you will greet them with moths a year later.



#4 Lay them down

This is not new perhaps, but just remind you one more time, do not hang knitwear no matter they are wet or dry. Just lazily lay them down or roughly fold them. And anyway, hanging up is much more complicated, right?

#5 Get some proper knitwear with nice quality!

With no doubt, knitwear with nice quality will still have pilling as it is the result of frequent frictions. But, nice quality knitwear can live longer with nice care (what I mentioned above), they shall stay comfy and soft even they are as old as your grandparents.

knitwear_care_tip_vinokilo_sweater_women   knitwear_care_tip_vinokilo_sweater_men

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Think twice and only buy what you need and love.  

Let's stay Vintage and stay warm in this Winter! XOXO

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