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5 tips of velvet care that you should know

Posted by Vino Kilo on

Velvet was once the fabric of royalty, and now, it becomes a basic category that nearly all of us own one. Still, one fact didn't change, velvet is vulnerable and special care is needed. As the weather is getting warmer, the velvet fever is getting less hot. Feel like it's time to pack your velvet items? Here come 5 tips for you to take care of your velvet items in order to make them look fabulous till next year and many years more. 

#1 Never iron velvet! - Use steamer instead

Velvet can only be steamed, both heat and weight of the iron will damage the garment structure. Velvet items usually consist of two layers, so turn it inside-out, and steam it around 10-15cm away. Never stay at a point, instead, you should keep moving in the direction of the nap.
If the crease is not serious, you may also hang it in a steamy bathroom, it shall look awesome again after a few hours!

#2 Dab or brush off the stain

Getting a stain on the velvet? Don't rub the cloth hard with soap!
If it is dry stain, dust them off with a fine brush gently (if you put too much pressure on it, the stain will go even deeper to the cloth). 
If it is wet stain, you may dilute the laundry detergent with warm water, whisk until suds form. Use a cloth to get some suds and apply on the stained area with dabbing
No matter which way you are taking, it is always better to test on a small area along the edges to see whether it may damage the cloth. Just to make sure, you know what I mean.

#3 Wash with the washing machine? Be careful!

Firstly, read the label on the garment before you choose dry clean or wash. If it can be washed by the washing machine, make sure you never handle them with items that have Velcro on or any other accessories that might drag the piles. Use a relatively low temperature no more than 30°C with the gentle mode for the washing machine. 

#4 Never press on damp velvet!

Never ever do that! Pressure on damp velvet fabric is going to crush the structure immediately. Make sure you just hang the garment up and let it dry.


#5 Yes for hanging, no for folding!

Hang the velvet garment up and never fold them even they are dry. You just read how complicated it is to remove the crease on velvet so why not stop them from appearing? Simply hang it up (or lay them down without folding). It is suggested that protective cover should be used as the piles always trap the dirt and dust. If you leave it exposed for a long time, the dirt can be hard to remove after some time. 
That will be the 5 basic tips for velvet care, of course, more can be done to let them stay shimmery along the years. Searching for some amazing velvet items to grasp the tail of winter? Grab the last chance here!
Buy wisely and make them last. XOXO

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