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All about Online Kilo Price

Posted by Vino Kilo on

Hey Vintage Lovers, here come some nice words from our Founder - Robin about the Kilo Price System. Have a joyful reading time to know more about our values and belief behind!

What is Online Vintage Kilo Sale?

Recently, many people have asked why we don't sell per kilo online. The question is not "why we don't", the question is when!!!

Yes, we are working on it and week by week we are getting a bit closer. This week you will have a chance to get a first sneak peek!
We are offering most of our products at Kilo prices of 70€, 60€ and 40€ consecutively.

True, this doesn't sound like a real deal with prices at our Kilo Sale Events being lower. However, compared to the prices that we currently have online, you will definitely get some items at a significant discount.

Example of which:

  • Blouses < 13
  • Crazy Shirts < 15
  • Levi's Jeans < 29

And many more...
So don't forget to have a look, even you are not buying, it's also nice to leave feedback.


What else is different from the pricing at Events?

What is different is that we have not or will not weigh every item individually. We have taken averages of the categories and applied them for all the items. Yes, some items may be inexact, but truth to be told, we tried to put every item towards your advantage when at the border between two prices.

However, if one slipped, please be lenient with us?

On another note, I think it is important to state why we, Vinokilo, are pushing for "Kilo Pricing System". In other words: what is special about selling per kilo?

What is special about selling per kilo

Selling per kilo is one of the oldest pricing systems that humans have. It goes far beyond the times in which our grandma walked to a corner store with a net or a basket to purchase flour, butter, and vegetables. All by the kilo.

Yes, it is something we are used to and every person has done before. 
But how does that connect to clothes or fashion?

In fashion, product prices vary without any logic in the consumers' perspective. Of course, the brands behind the products have/ follow a logic that is mostly focused around the topic "how to get the most for my product with the least production cost". However, for the consumer, this is different. A price for a heavy knit wool jumper might be 35€, whilst the price for a T-shirt might be 135.
If you really think about it,  is this understandable? Hardly! 
And in our eyes, something has to be changed. Fashion should follow a logic that consumers understand!

Our Kilo-Sale System follows the logic of one kilo price for all the items. The user decides if she or he wants to buy something heavy or something light. They are at the center of the decision-making process.

But there is more to it, Kilo-Sale is sustainable! Just imagine we would price heavy products higher and lighter products less. What do you think would happen?

With 30% - 50% of the product costs accounted for by the raw materials, it would mean that products that have taken more raw material (example cotton) in their production should cost more and should be priced higher.

This would mean that they would not see them as one-off items and throw away after wearing once, instead, value the material costs (environmental cost) which went into production.

Nevertheless, Kilo price is transparent while the majority of the fashion industry (especially fast fashion companies) are not!
I still remember those days when my friends and I were buying from ASOS (I was young). I remember there was this one pair of shoes that I sosososo badly wanted. But at a naked price of 40 Pounds, it was just too expensive. I was checking it every day, hoping that the price would decrease. A week past and ASOS had a massive summer sale of 50% off on everything. My chance! 
I went online to ASOS and found that the price of the shoe was the same. The cross-out price was 80 Pounds and the new price was 40 Pounds. Basically, the only thing that was being changed is the big red words saying SALE, 50%, and NEW PRICE 40. 
From the moment when ASOS tried fooling me, I never returned.

Fashion brands are masters at fooling their customers. One week's prices are increased only to heavily discount an item the week after. The single goal is, triggering a purchase.

From day one at Vinokilo, we said that we think & breath sustainability different. We want to give our customers online and offline an experience, an experience which they would start thinking about second-hand being the first-hand alternative to fast fashion. At the events, we have managed and online we are working on it.

Kilo pricing is not only transparent, user-centric, sustainable but above all...
It's FUN!

Feel nice after hearing our honest words? Check on our Navigation to experience something new then! Feedback is also welcomed down below.

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