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Last Minute Valentines' Day Inspiration

Posted by Vino Kilo on

Season of LOVE is here again. Floral scent with candle lights, kisses and hugs, Valentines Day is a typical and an atypical day, a day out with your beloved ones. Guess some of you are still matching up clothes from your closet, struggling how to impress your another half. And yea, nice way up here as you will have some last minute inspiration. Check out the 5 color inspiration to create a forever loving look!

Passionate Red Bomber Jackets

Stay passionate about the relationship as always. A bright red bomber jacket is going to let you stay comfy and chic, simply match with a black sweatshirt or a black turtle neck top. Just imagine your love and yourself being dream chasing bikers for a day, love and freedom, how adorable that is.
vinokilo_valentine_outfit_inspiration_red_bomber_jacket_girl   vinokilo_valentine_outfit_inspiration_red_lacoste_bomber_jacket
Red Zip Puffer Bomber JacketRed LACOSTE Plain Lined Zip Bomber

Lovely Pink Shirts

"Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink." a sweet quote from Lilly Pulitzer shows how pink sparkles can light up the atmosphere. It is not a must to be sweet with pink, chic, we say it can be.
vinokilo_valentine_outfit_idea_pink_shirt_tommy_hilfiger   vinokilo_valentine_outfit_idea_pink_shirt_boy
Pink Tommy Hilfiger ShirtPastel Salmon Pink Cotton Shirt

Living Coral Denim Jackets

Stand out with the coral denim jackets for a day! Picking up the fact that living coral is our 2019 Pantone color, let's stay in trend with the heavenly warm color.
vinokilo_valentine_outfit_inspiration_coral_denim_jacket_girl   vinokilo_valentine_outfit_inspiration_coral_denim_jacket_boy
Coral LACOSTE Light Denim JacketCoral Tropical Embroidery Denim Jacket

Creamy White Pullovers

Angelic white pullover shall melt everybody's heart in a second. Fluffy but not bulky, stay warm with the simple pullover and become his/ her angel for a night!
Creme White Shiny Heart MOHAIR Knit Jumper

Warm Colored Corduroy items

Catch the tail of Winter, style with corduroy items and cuddle with that texture. Bring the aesthetic back to the basic and stay simple in this unique day. Beige gives a warm feeling to you and so as your sweetheart.

No matter you are already eyeing on some items or still struggling with the styles, just want to tell you: He/ she loves whatever you dress, so just be yourself.
Early happy valentines' day! 
Let's stay vintage all the time. XOXO

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