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The Berlin effect

Posted by Vino Kilo on

Happy Thursday, Vino-readers! Today we are talking about cities that carved their mark in the fashion world. But first, what is the first location that comes to your mind when shopping for clothing comes up? Is it maybe charming Paris, kind of obsessed with haute couture or New York, rather focused on celebrities' street style? 

Recently, we were able to notice a slight shift in the fashion industry, a shift towards a more responsible way of producing and consuming fashion.  Even though fast fashion is still a very relevant topic, we think that being sustainable is the new must that brands have to follow in order to stay competitive. So, as fashion changes, the flagship locations must change as well. Meaning that, it is time for other cities to shine and show to the world that they are the living proof of a changing fashion environment.

 Probably the price for the most underrated fashion capital should go to..(*drums*)…Berlin. Being home for so many sustainable fashion brands and countless vintage stores, Berlin shows off the creative and innovative power of its community, which makes it the champion of new cool. Apart from the charming mix between history and millennials' expressionism, Berlin is also a runway for an intriguing mix of hip street wear and the latest trends in business attire.

 But, what makes Berlin truly different from all the other fashion capitals is its obvious love for ethical fashion. There's probably nowhere in the world where conventional and sustainable fashion go hand in hand as much as in Berlin. Two main trade fairs, Green Showroom and Ethical Fashionshow, are part of the Berlin fashion week, which allows them to have great visibility and maximum exposure to media and fashion influencers. What better way of showing support for the green fashion, right?! The two sustainable fair trades teamed up and gathered 168 sustainable labels which helped topping the record of the Fashion week in January 2016. The green fashion movement had a major impact thanks to the special highlights on the different styles, from edgy to elegant to suit all tastes, and the different prices, just like conventional fashion.

Over time, Berlin's unconditional passion for an eco-friendly form of fashion has become one of its unique selling points. If you are looking for something categorically different and unique, then Berlin is the place to be. The city is rich in second-hand and vintage shops that work similar to a time machine. Taking the time to explore them, you will discover a huge range of styles that mirror the cultural changes the city has been through during the 20th century.  Nevertheless, the prices of the vintage treasures are for everybody and they could vary from very little such as 5 euro up to 150.

 So, if you are seeking for truly outstanding garments and haute couture is not your favorite cup of tea anymore, give Berlin a chance, and explore what it has to offer. You just have to walk the streets and let your mind observe the diversity of opportunities reflected so beautifully into brands, shops and ultimately, people.


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