Vinokilo is a social enterprise that runs Germany’s biggest pop-up stores for second hand clothes. Clothes are being sold at a kilo price.


How do you measure your clothes? 

Since all our items are second-hand and vintage, coming from different years and brands, all our items are individual pieces and need to be measured and titled one by one. For this reason, we show the item size as given on the label and a Vinokilo size which is our translation to current sizing standards.  

Our online store is growing fast, but it's a work in progress. We are constantly learning and trying to make it even easier for you to get the right size. Therefore we designed a little guide that shows you how we measure our pieces. Just measure the clothes you already own and compare them to our measurements online. Current Sizing Guide

Why don't you provide the option to pay with Klarna? 

We decided not to use payment options that might entice customers to postpone their payment or pay by installments. Both can be a slippery slope into debt, and we do not want to support that kind of behaviour.

To us, quality beats quantity in every aspect. We don't want people to go over their budget to buy a lot of clothes.

Can I sell my clothes to you? 

As a general rule, we do not buy clothes from private persons. For that, we created the Vinokilo Circle (see below for more information). However, if you are part of a business or boutique and are interested in selling your clothes, please contact us at shop@vinokilo.com, and we will see if we can assist you.

So what is Vinokilo Circle?

It's our 100% community-based initiative to reduce fashion waste. Under this new scheme, you can now send your pre-loved items to us. We will upcycle and recycle them, and you can receive discount vouchers in return! Vinokilo Circle Guide

Where do your clothes come from? 

The fast fashion industry is one of the most polluting and unfair industries in the world. A lot of energy is put into clothes, both in terms of work and materials. Therefore, we want to give more clothes a chance to be worn and loved as long as possible. 

Our garments come from a recycling company that collects textile waste from all over Europe. 'Textile waste' means clothes that are still good enough to be worn for many years but not wanted anymore by the people who bought them. They get sorted, cleaned and organised into bags and eventually come to our warehouse. Here we unpack those bags and sort, source and steam the clothes again. Then they are ready to be measured and uploaded onto our website and can be found and loved by a new owner. We are currently working on a project to make this process as transparent as possible.

How are items priced on the website? 

Every item has a unique story to tell. Our online pricing depends on the quality, the brand, the decade and the rarity of the product.  

Only the best of our clothing ends up in the online store. However, we can always miss minor imperfections, so if we do, please don't hesitate to contact us :)


When will I receive my order?

Within Germany, it can take up to 7 days for your order to arrive. Within other European countries, your new clothes should reach you within 14 days. However, it can always happen that packages go amiss. Please don't hesitate to contact us if your package still hasn't arrived after two weeks. We will try to find out what happened and sort you out.

For more information on shipping and returns, please check out our Shipping and Returns page.

How can I return an item? 

Orders within Germany will have a return label included in the package. 

You will make us very happy and support our mission if you avoid unnecessary returns. It can always happen that items simply don't fulfill your expectations or don't fit, so if you can't find someone else who would love that individual piece, use the return label to send it back to us. We will refund you as soon as it reaches our warehouse.

We don't cover return fees from countries outside Germany. If you are ordering from a European country, please always keep in mind that you would need to pay for the return and potential custom costs yourself.

For more information on shipping and returns, please check out our Shipping and Returns page.

What is the condition of the items?

We offer the highest quality vintage clothing. Our clothes are hand-picked and only the best end up online. 

Although each secondhand treasure is carefully checked for quality, small imperfections are part of what makes 

them unique. 

Should you receive an item that is damaged, but you still want to keep it, please contact us, and we can agree on compensation.

How much will it cost to ship my order?

We offer free shipping in Germany for orders over €35. Otherwise our standard shipping rate of 4,50€ applies. 

Shipping within Europe amounts to 4,50€. Shipping outside Europe amounts to 7,50€. Shipping for orders over 65€ is free to any EU country. If you are a customer outside of the European Union (EU), please be aware that you will be responsible for any additional taxes, duties and customs related to your shipment.

For more information on shipping and returns, please check out our Shipping and Returns page.

Has my order shipped yet? When will it arrive?

If you submit your order before 12 pm (Monday-Friday), we will dispatch your order that same day. Orders placed after 12 pm will be shipped the next working day.

You will receive an email with a tracking number once your order has been shipped to you. You can use this to track your package on www.dhl.de. If you don't receive an email from us within two days of placing your order, check your spam folder or contact us via shop@vinokilo.com.

Please make sure you fill out the ‘Return Form’ you’ll find in the box, including your name and order number.

Why was my order cancelled and refunded? 

Most likely, it is just a technical glitch. If this happens, please contact us, and we will find out the issue and process your order manually. In rare cases, it can happen that an item got uploaded that isn't available anymore, or someone snapped it up seconds before you. We then have to cancel and refund the item.

My package did not arrive.

We are very sorry to hear that! That can be very frustrating. Unfortunately, the actual shipping of the packages is out of our hands. If your package did not arrive, and you are already in touch with DHL, please contact our Customer Care Team at shop@vinokilo.com right away. We will look into it and contact DHL on your behalf.

There is an incorrect/damaged item in my package.

Oh no! That, of course, is our fault. Should that happen, please be so kind as to send a photo of the incorrect/damaged product and your order number to our Customer Care Team at shop@vinokilo.com. Of course, you can return these clothes to us without paying the shipping fee.

After reviewing your case, our Customer Care team will send you a return note. As soon as your return reaches our warehouse, we will send you the correct item.

One or more items are missing.

We are doing our best to get your Vintage treasures to you as soon as possible. However, to err is human. If you are missing an item, please contact our Customer Care Team at shop@vinokilo.com, and we will send you the missing clothes right away!


How can I book a ticket?

1. Visit our website

2. Click on the box where you can filter the cities.

3. Choose your city.

4. Click on 'get tickets.'

5. You can see the store information on the left side.

6. On the right side, you can reserve your spot.

7. Click on the box.

8. Choose the date and time you want to go.

9. Register for your slot & you will receive the ticket via email.

Can I book more than one ticket per order?

You are only able to book one ticket per order.


Due to government guidelines, we need to get everyone's name and details. If you want to book more than one ticket, you have to place separate orders.

Is the time frame on the ticket the actual time I can spend inside the store? 


Therefore, please come a few minutes early to make sure you can spend each minute of your time slot inside.

Can I book tickets consecutively?  


If the event is not too busy, we don't ask you to leave after your time slot has passed. But if it's crowded, we have to ask you to leave once your time slot is over.

How can I cancel my ticket?

1. Go to your confirmation email that entails the ticket.

2. Scroll down to 'order summary'.

3. Click on view and manage your order online!

4. Sign in with your email and password.

5. When you signed in, click on the box, which says 'cancel order'.

Where can I see if a store is cancelled or postponed?

Cancelled means that the store can't take place and that there is no new date at the moment.
If you have signed up for an event, we will inform you via email should it get cancelled. If you haven't received an email from us yet and are unsure about the current Corona situation, please do the following:

Postponed means that we are confirming a new date soon.

If you already have signed up for an event and it gets postponed, we will inform you via email. If you haven't received an email from us yet and are not sure about the current Corona situation, please do the following:

  • New date for the Store

I received an email reminder for the store even though it is cancelled. 

Unfortunately, we are not in control of the reminder email.

If you receive one after the store got cancelled or postponed, we kindly ask you to ignore it.

Do I have to provide a negative Covid test before entering the store?

Whether or not you have to provide a negative Corona test depends on the city you want to visit.

Naturally, we adhere to the requirements of the federal state or of the respective region. You can also get the information in the description of the event you would like to join. If a test is required in your area we accept COVID-19 tests completed at test centers as well as self-administered tests, although we prefer tests completed at test centers. 

Are you interested in working at our events?

Great! We would love to have you in our lovely A-Team.

Please click here  for more information.

I want to help at one of your Pop Up Stores. How do I apply?

Hey! We are happy to hear that you are interested in helping at one of our Stores. Usually, we post a story on Instagram if we require helpers in different cities.

What is the pricing structure at the Pop Up Stores?

The price at our Pop Up Shops is charged per kilo. At our Pop Up Shops, we have weighing stations all over the venue. There you can calculate the price and the weight of the clothes you picked.

For example:
The price per kilo is 40€.
For 1kg you pay 40€.
For 0,5kg you pay 20€

Can I pay by card?

Yes! You can pay by card or cash.

Further questions regarding events? 

About us

Who is Vinokilo?

Vinokilo is a social enterprise that aims to become Europe’s largest touchpoint for reusing secondhand clothing 

through events, pop-up stores, and our online store. Vinokilo, currently, hosts the biggest pop-up events for 

secondhand clothes in Germany, and is also present in other cities across Europe (with more to come). Our mission 

is to inspire people to think of secondhand clothes as a stylish and sustainable alternative to mass-produced fast 


Our secondhand items are handpicked from containers of discarded clothing and are then cleaned, repaired and 

sold on to new owners who love the stories their unique pieces come with. Vinokilo is a firm believer in the circular 

economy and we are working on ways on being able to take back more and more of your unwanted clothes.

Contact us

How can I share feedback about my experience?

Our team is always eager for feedback. Please feel free to send us compliments, concerns or ideas :-) You can 

always get in touch here.

How can I stay in touch with Vinokilo?

Signup for our newsletter and join us over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Better yet, join us for a glass of your 

choice and some vintage love at one of our pop up stores - we would love to meet you!

Haven’t found what you were looking for? Contact us instead.