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Return Policy

Before we start...

Here is a vital thing for us to make affordable vintage work online.
Legally we abide by the law and are obligated to return items within 14 days after delivery. Which we will fulfill!

However we would like to ask YOU as a customer to omit the "amazonian" way of purchasing ( buying 10 items and then only choosing one).

So, before making a purchase - talk to us about details like sizes or quality of the item(s).

How to contact us?

Send an email to shop@vinokilo.com or send us message on Facebook.

How can you help?

If you don't want an item a 100% - leave it!!! We prefer making someone else happy who will eventually enjoy the new journey with that vintage treasure. As always, "BUY LESS CHOOSE WELL"

If you decided to return an item which is not what you expected ( size, quality, fabric etc. ) - it would be great if you could ask your friends & family circle first if they may take that item. If it doesn't work, just contact us so that we can find a solution together.

If an item is broken we will of course return the money, ASAP. This takes maximum three working days for the the item to ARRIVE AT OUR WAREHOUSE.


Patience - we are human

We, of course strive to answer all emails, queries and Facebook messages as soon as possible. Sometimes unforeseen changes occur and create hurdle for us. As much as we care about you and your opinion, we don't use Bots or AI, rather we have Semira answering all your queries and help you through the process.