Fashion clothing and textile waste occupies 4%  of the global landfills.

700 galloons of water are used to produce one cotton t-shirt.

2.6% of the global drinkable water is used for growing cotton.

17-20%  of industrial water pollution comes from textile dyeing and treatment.

99% of the used clothes is recyclable.

100% of our vintage treasures are #stylishlysustainable.

This summer, we headed over to Berlin for our first #stylishlysustainable campaign. We wanted to meet people of all ages, genders and origins who share our love for vintage and for unique style.

''Clothes are knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn''.

''Clothes are telling a story, already expressing my personality before I even have to speak''.

Clothes are the second skin we choose. They don't define, they only mirror who we are. In a world where the trends are set for us, we aim to encourage freedom of choice and colouring outside the lines that are rigorously drown by the fashion industry.




There are 7.5 billion people in this world but luckily, we are all different. How can we all express our unique, crazy individualities through those fast fashion campaigns that want all of us to look the samel?

It is not about how cheap and trendy you can buy it, it's not about which celebrity is wearing it, it is not about in how many malls you can shop it from, it is not about the right size. 

To us, clothes are timeless pieces of art. Unlike new products churned out by the clothes industry, vintage clothes carry a history. They tell stories. By consuming them, we are encouraged to set our creativity free by giving new life to precious items that have already been loved.



Whatever may seem old to a person, could be new to someone else. What makes vintage clothes special, is that they have their own personality. They went through all kinds of adventures alongside with their owners. They have been used and loved. Vintage clothes are eager to tell us the most beautiful stories. We only have to listen and get inspired by them.


So what are you waiting for? Join our exclusive group for vintage lovers here, express your individuality and let's shift our generation to consume differently together 💪  💥