• What is an online kilo sale? How does it work?

An online kilo sale is a totally different approach to the common fashion retail pricing.

Instead of pricing our items per unit and defining a single price per item, we list our stock in the different categories that exist - dresses, sweaters, etc- and we calculate all the relative parameters such as stock costs, operational costs, team and marketing costs, in order to come up with a kilo price for each respective category.

This way, the item categories have their own kilo prices but each item is priced according to their weight and not according to their brand, quality, material or style.

So if for example dresses cost 30€ per kilo, a beautiful vintage summer dress that weighs 500 grams will cost you as little as 15€.

  • Why are you running an online kilo sale?

We’ve got two reasons for running an online kilo sale.

Firstly, we do not believe in the concept of SALES as dictated by the fast fashion industry. We don’t believe that a company can name a price for an item and then discount it heavily because they want to get rid of it at the end of the season. We also think it’s unfair for the customers to pay different prices for the same item just because they bought it at a different time.

Therefore, when we wish to offer something special to our customers, we would rather switch to Kilo pricing than run a Sale.

The second reason why we choose a kilo pricing model is because it is more honest.

As soon as an item transforms from its state of being new, to being second hand it immediately looses its singular value. In the wholesale of second hand fashion, stock is not being sold by unique item pricing but by kilo pricing.

Kilo is the currency of second hand fashion.

All these treasures that we bring to you are categorised according to quality, style, and condition and sold to us per kilo.

It is only honest from our side to sell in the currency we buy in. This is why we choose selling per kilo and this is why we love selling per kilo.


  • So why don’t you only sell per kilo online?

It is mostly due to e-commerce operational issues that we don’t sell per kilo online. This way of selling is mostly for wholesalers and not for retail and there are not a lot of e-commerce shop systems and marketplaces that support this pricing model.

Worry not though, we are constantly working towards developing a concept that allows us to bring our items to you per kilo price.

  • What’s in it for me ?

Our kilo pricing is the fairest way to shop second hand clothing with us.

When you shop per kilo the conventional pricing rules don’t apply; you don’t pay more for something because it is a known brand or because the design is trendy right now. In addition, you might get to pay less for a premium quality item (see silk, for example).

This way, you have a great chance of scoring a real deal and finding an item you love, in a fair price.

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