Returns are one of the biggest perpetrators of waste in the fashion industry. There’s so much written about it like HERE, HERE, and the intensive research done by the University of Bamberg HERE

There are so many reasons returns are terrible like shipping, packaging used, and, in the worst cases, disposal of items (we don’t do this at Vinokilo!). However, we also understand that returns are sometimes necessary and a legal requirement to offer.  

So, how do we currently do returns? 

We are very lucky that our community understands the waste that returns create so we know when we receive returns, it means your one off treasure wasn’t right for you due to something like size or a defect- we try hard to get this right before you purchase and are innovating in this space as we speak! 

Our community mostly returns items in the packaging we send it out in- yay!- but sadly we then we have to, responsibly, dispose of the packaging. 

A few days ago, though, we said enough is enough! These boxes being returned to us are totally usable! If we are selling second hand clothes, why not use second hand boxes? 

Sure, you may see where tape has been ripped off, or the corners look a little handled, but isn’t that why we love vintage in the first place?

From today, when you order at, you will have the option to choose whether you are happy for us to use a Secondhand Box when sending you your stunning vintage. 

Whilst we are trialling this, this is optional. For the positive impact your choice makes, we will take €1 off of your shipping costs. 

This is only the first step in our move towards more sustainable shipping- be sure to keep an eye on this space, lots more is coming! 


The Vinokilo family x