We Need Your Support!

VinoKilo’s mission is to give people a sustainable alternative to the fast-fashion world.  We have, to date, touched the lives of 300.000+ vintage lovers. Unfortunately, the pandemic is threatening to stop us from fulfilling our mission. We are asking you to help us now, by pre ordering your kilos that you can redeem at a future event. By doing this, you will be supporting our commitment of shaping a more sustainable fashion world, together with and for you! Help us now, so we can continue to keep you #StylishlySustainable

Since starting in 2016 we have given +262 tons of vintage clothing a new life, saving more than 3.9 tons of CO2 emissions, 4.1 million baths full of water, and 6.2 million washing machine cycles. We are proud of our impact and want to continue in our role to shape a brighter, more sustainable fashion industry. However, the pandemic has left us with 80+ cancelled events throughout April, May, June, July and August, which would have made up 95% of our monthly revenue.  As a start-up, we were able to act swiftly. We relocated resources towards online, which helped us to triple our sales there. Sadly, this isn’t enough to continue. We turned over every stone in our company to save and/or generate money. We looked for financial support from banks and government institutions which were declined - our sustainable business model doesn't fit into the German government criteria. We went to private high net worth individuals to act as private donors- unfortunately, they are also more cautious due to the global crisis and inability to calculate risks. Therefore, we are continuing to fight every imaginable fight to bridge our monthly gap of € 65,000.  With your support, you can help us come back. We can get through this crisis and bring back the best assortment of vintage treasures to your city.  So what can you do?  Please buy a kilo from us now which will help support us through this period. You are pre ordering a kilo. You are buying it ahead of time. So when we next come to your city with one of our famous events, you can cash it in for beautiful, unique Vintage Treasures.