Hey Vintage Lovers, 

We, the VinoKilo Team, hope you had a nice Christmas holiday with your beloved ones and enjoy some nice vino in the past few days also. While it is getting closer to the year-end, here come a few words from our Founder - Robin.
Happy reading!


At the end of the year, it is normal to take a step back and reflect
. If I take this step back to reflect...

A bright smile comes across my face.

2019 has been the year where we, at Vinokilo, have made the largest step towards what we set out to do in 2016.

To remind:

"We at Vinokilo want to have a Global Impact by inspiring people to consume differently, and by people, it's not 1% of society, its everyone, affordable and inclusive, ...inspire that secondhand is firsthand"


In 2019 I feel we did that more than in any other year. We started to reach out to all of you in eight different European countries, in total.


And we managed to not only celebrate the symbolic mark of having given "100t of clothes a new life" in March (coincided with Vinokilo's 3 year anniversary) but also managed to reach the '200t mark' at the end of 2019. This means we managed to give a 100t of clothes a new life within a single year!

For some, 100t may seem like a huge number. However, the problem of clothing waste is soooo large that giving 200t in 3.5 years a new life is not even a drop in a sea of waste.


What really matters are those who are making a conscious choice about whom to purchase from and what to wear. YOU!

YOU, are the people who can make a real difference. When you choose Vinokilo, you are consuming differently! And yes, we are here to help, but the choice of the change in mindset has to come from you.

So, when I look back at 2020 the number of lives we have changed and the people we have reached are the smiles we celebrate!

With 250,000 people reached it feels better than ever before.

Thank you for being at, with or wearing Vinokilo in 2019.

Consume differently in 2020!


Love and Shanti,


p.s. A small thing to celebrate, literally small, we have our first Vinokilo Baby! YEAHHH