Now that you have established your new closet, let’s keep it that way. Here are some creative ways to (re-)discover your own closet without buying more. To be creative, daring and stylish.

And if you haven’t decluttered yet, check out our last step by step guide for it here

Let’s play. 


+1 = -1. Every time you buy one item, you need to get rid of another one. Think about this consequence already in the shop and buying process. If you dare to be more radical, do +1 = -2. Or -3?

#30wears. Wearing an item a minimum of 30 times decreases its carbon emission immensely. Ask yourself how many times you’ve been able to wear it and contribute to your conscious closet by using the hashtag #30wears to keep track of it. You’ll be surprised how long it actually takes! I’ve been tracking a sustainable linen dress and have worn it only a little over 10 times within half a year. 

#10x10. This is another creative tool and social media movement to play with your closet and get to know it better. You will wear 10 items in 10 days. This challenge luckily excludes sports clothes, underwear, socks and smaller accessories. Check out the hashtag and join Style Bee, Lee Vosburgh for her quarterly challenges. 

Keep sustainability in mind. How fashion muse Vivien Westwood prominently put it: Buy less, choose well, make it last. Let all new items be combinable and avoid latest trends. 

“Style and confidence requires knowing yourself and wearing what you feel most comfortable in.”


And some final thoughts for all the hesitant ones. Decluttering can be an uncomfortable topic due to the emotional value clothes have, that often times is higher than the initial price. Or maybe you’ve until now been hoarding clothes? 

Either way, letting go off some of that emotional weight can be a relief. And true sophistication and confidence in oneself are the fundaments for a timeless and trendless sense of style. Fashion fades and only style remains.

PS: If you still don’t feel inspired yet, please check out Miss Marie Kondo with her series on Netflix. Or watch the documentary “Minimalist” if you find decluttering and that lifestyle generally interesting. 



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