Fashion is that one thing that reinvents itself as the seasons change.  But the only thing that appears to be everlasting, is the return of some currents that had a massive impact on generations when they first appeared. If fashion was water, in 2017 its temperature would most likely be VINTAGE. As time passes by, we expect to witness a drastic change in the fashion industry. We may be waiting for that moment when the 3D printed suits and 'wonder woman'- like deux pieces will become socially acceptable. But as we fantasize about a more futuristic planet, the fashion of 2017 is going back to its mellow days, or better said, vintage days.  So, to get a better taste of what this means for the urban fashion, we will take a look into the hottest vintage inspired trends that you have to give a try.


Vintage does not mean old! Vintage refers to a specific era, more precisely, the 60's and 70's.  Now close your eyes and imagine Audrey Hepburn. Isn't she lovely?! How could such a fashion icon not be? But here comes the actual question: Wouldn't her style fit like a glove on the streets of 2017?  Yes, the correct answer is YES, it fits perfectly. This is why today we talk about the key vintage trends that inspired today's 'go for' outfits.


  1. The t-shirt

In 2017 the image of the monotonous short-sleeve t-shirt has changed to 360 degrees. While until now it was probably your last alternative or just that one clothing item that you only wear underneath some more layers so that nobody sees it, today the t-shirt is proudly worn in pretty much any context. It definitely gained more popularity also because of its versatility. No matter the season, you can't go wrong with a t-shirt and jeans combo.


  1. Mom-jeans

Did it also take you a long while to understand what exactly 'mom-jeans' means?  Mathematically speaking, boyfriend jeans + a higher waist = mom jeans. They would normally be made of thicker denim and are consider more comfortable. Unlike the skinny type, they are loose and tight at the same time in all the right places. 


  1. The thick leather belt

Today's vintage inspired fashion is very simple and chic, with almost no emphasis on accessories. However, there's no such thing as vintage flavor without a small focus on waist. So to complete your outfit, the thick leather belt is the accessory to go for.


  1. Floral print

On shirts, on jeans, on t-shirts and on boots, the floral print can be found on almost every clothing item. The vintage trend gives us a new perspective on the floral print that we have been used to until now. It does not necessarily remind us of hot summer days. The raw shapes and strong colors create contrast and give a certain elegant, yet rebel personality to any garment.


  1. All oversized everything + all high waist everything frenzy

Two of the vintage inspired trends that go hand in hand and that form an iconic combo are the high waist item and the oversized item. From high waist stripy trousers and skirts to mom jeans, we love them all because in combination with an oversized sweater they form this holy grail of coziness. Correct us if we are wrong!


We could not be any happier that the vintage trend is so alive in 2017. We also believe that the people set the trends and this only means that change is happening slowly but surely. So, if you want to be a trend setter, we encourage you all to join us for a massive shopping session to explore together infinite vintage possibilities at our next event.