Welcome to 2020 Vintage Lovers, to kick start this year, we want to tell you our goals and plans ahead. We know that we can't make the year without YOU, so are you ready for another amazing journey with us?

Here is a short greeting from Robin to you all.


So, many of you might ask '
what's next at Vinokilo"? And yes I think I can give you a brief insight into what we are working on or where we want to be at the end of 2020. 

The most important goal for 2020 is YOU!

It is clear to all of us, that Vinokilo needs to be in all cities across Europe to such a degree that we are able to offer you a true alternative to Firsthand fashion (fast-fashion). This will be achieved by giving you access to secondhand clothes 365 days a year online and offline.

So yes, we are working hard on making this offer come through by improving our operations and processes. 

We need to put in some hard work that you, for instance, always find the vintage treasures that you are seeking online, or, that you always have a Vinokilo Event in your area marked in your calendar.

Besides these major mission-driven focuses, we are planning to: 

  • Have Kilo Prices Online (Transparent, NO fashion industry bullshit, you pay for the raw materials used) 
  • Give talented designers a chance to showcase their designs online, using secondhand clothes to make/ create new looks
  • Collect your former favorites (clothing items) and trying to create a new home for them
  • Work more on popupfashionshows to inspire YOU at the doorstep, bringing in new ideas to people about secondhand clothes and collaborate with local sustainable designers.

As for goals, I'm happy to state our company goals publicly. 

By the end of 2020, my team and I would be happy if we are able to reach/inspire 400,000 people in 11 countries (3 new ones). 

In order to reach this goal, we hope to sail with YOU.

Secondhand is Firsthand.

Love & Shanti,