Another year has passed and so as the first month of 2019. Looking back to the remarkable 2018, we, Vinokilo, has gone much further and fully embraced with love and support. So, how much have we achieved?

Our Vintage Kilo Sale

In 2018, we had 71 events in different European countries, more than 56 thousand visitors have spread the vintage love with us, and around 48 thousand kilos clothes found their new owners.
If you know there were billions of kilos of first-hand clothes being thrown as trash in 2018, all these figures probably sound little to you. But let's view from another way, just because there is so much garment waste, every kilo we sold counts. Not in sense of making profits, but in the sense of how much impact we have brought to the people and the world. We continued playing as an alternative to both "expensive vintage clothing" and "cheap fast-fashion". It is never an easy topic to make the price affordable for all people as well as keeping a high product quality, but we remained faithful and worked hard on this throughout the year.  

We rock with ORIGINALITY

While there are more second-hand clothing events emerging, we are still out of ordinary. We slay with experience - an all-around unique experience in our kilo sale. You get not only clothes, but also music, wine, and perhaps even an awesome tattoo in our events. This is beyond a simple shopping experience, and we keep that happening by searching for collaborations all the time.

Our kilo sales are not places for either buy or go, they are places for people to gather, enjoy and hunt for "gems" whole day long. 

Not trying to be arrogant, but we know we did something right when we see the vintage lovers came back to us. 



By bringing our top tier treasures online in different platforms including ASOS as well as our online site, our vintage treasures reach out the world without limitation. While our stocks went beyond the borders, our concepts follow. We received orders from different parts of the world in which we are pleased to see our customers agree on our sustainability concept and willing to be one of the supporters. Sustainability has been a hot topic around the world for years, with the fact that we successfully drag more people in the league, we are happy that we stick with our goal - creating impacts.
(pissst! Our crazy sale will end soon, make sure you check the treasures online also!)

What is coming in 2019?

With no doubt we still have a long way to go, lots of nice advice and feedback were well received. We love to hear that and we always have the crave to grow and improve continuously. 
Tiptoe for a sneak peek: lots of great plans are ready to take-off in 2019, more than that, we will be reaching more cities (currently having 3 events in 3 cities every weekend). Of course, back to the basic, we are going to stay on track - keep promoting sustainability and bringing affordable vintage treasures to the community. 
So, will you stay with us in 2019? 
Let's spread the vintage love. XOXO