COVID-19 Update • VinoKilo

We are returning with Pop-up stores in Germany and Austria. Check HERE for more information! Online Store is running as always ;)

In times of social-distancing, we are closer than ever. Us, VinoKilo, has been founded with the core mission of bringing affordable and sustainable secondhand fashion to everybody no matter where you are, what time it is. We are truly thankful for all of your support since 2016.

While the outbreak of COVID-19 has smashed us as most of our events are cancelled, we tried our best to reallocate and restructure ourselves to adapt to the online shop business, hoping to bring you your treasures directly.

With the fact that our core team is the “fuel” that keeps the boat sailing, we have been taking measures to ensure their health in this “corona-storm” (just from a family perspective). Therefore, our online shop operation has also altered a bit, including but not limited to shipping, return policies as mentioned below.


Delivery is still happening, but we cannot guarantee next-day delivery at the moment. With a small packing team, we are trying our best to pack and ship on the next business day, yet there are days that we have too much on hand in which things have to be put aside. 

With the new people (yes, our event managers) are helping the packing, we took a bit longer to ensure orders are packed accurately as well as well taken care of.

DHL Packet Shop/ Package Stations

For customers who wish to choose a DHL packet shop or package station as your shipping address, please note that not every packet shop is opened at the moment. It would cause your package to be stuck in DHL station on its way and delayed delivery if you pick a packet shop that is not opening due to lockdown. Please make sure of the availability and opening times before choosing the shop/ station.

What cannot go wrong would definitely be your home address ;)


Due to the reduction of customer care, return policy is now extended up to 30 days. Our customer care team will try to get back to all of you ASAP while it might take a bit time (no longer than 7 days). Meanwhile, refund will reach your account (your original payment method) within 28 days (counting from the day that we get back to you).

We hope you can understand that we only have 2 sweet girls, Liza and Rahel handling all customer care and return issues. They are definitely working day till night in order to catch up, and trying their best to process returns ASAP.

Customer Care

Enquiries and requests are flying in everyday and we hope for your understanding about our limitations also. As mentioned, Liza and Rahel are the angels for us who are taking care of your cases. We wish to give the best customer care experience to each of you, rather than roughly deal with all matters. It’s already a hard time outside, and we do aim to ease your worries about your treasures with our best try.

Stay Close to us




How can I return?

In order to proceed for a return, please get in contact with our Customer Care team at

They will guide you through the return and refund process.

When will I receive my refund?

Refunds usually happen right at the moment we handle your return case. But it also takes time to reach back your payment account. Maximum will be 28 days from the day we process your return.

Why aren’t you answering my email/ message?

Believe us dear, we don’t ignore any email/ message. We are constantly working on it and will surely get back to you as soon as possible. It generally takes up till 7 days with our limited resources now.

How long will it take until I get my order?

Within Germany it takes up till 7 days. Other countries in Europe take up till 14 days at the moment.

When will the next Vintage Kilo Sale event happen?

In Mainz and Linz we are already sure to return as Pop-up stores. With our best hope, we wish to resume all our events and enjoy some sunshine, music and vino with you all again. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram Page, we will always announce the return of events immediately there.

I just missed my favourite item online, what to do?

No worries dear, we now have “daily drops”. Meaning that we are uploading new items everyday at 7PM CEST. Check the categories on our Instagram Page and stay tuned!