FAQs about the Kilos of Vintage Love

How does it work?
Select the category of your Kilos of Vintage Love depending on your country. You can purchase them through our online store. After a successful check-out, you will receive an email with your personal code that equals your very own Kilos of Vintage Love.
Now you can come to any of our upcoming Vintage Kilo Sales (in the countries of your category), choose the vintage treasures you love and redeem your Kilos of Vintage Love with your code at the cash register, by simply showing your email.

Why should I PRE buy my Kilos?
Due to the current situation, we are unable to welcome you to our vintage kilo sales for an uncertain amount of time.
This marks a very challenging period for us, however we are doing everything in our power to be able to bring our kilo sales back to your city as soon as possible. For this reason, right now, we need your support more than ever. By PRE buying your Kilos of Vintage Love, you give us the power to keep running and you are helping us come back to you stronger and to continue our mission of changing the fashion industry for the better.

What’s in it for me?
With our Kilos of Vintage Love you can secure a big discount on the event kilo price as well as exclusive perks.

By PRE buying your kilos of vintage love you get:

  • up to 20% discount on the event kilo price
  • Free entrance and jump the queue priority
  • Free bottle of wine
  • Priority shopping: enter our filling station and be the first to get your hands on our treasures.

Why are there two different price categories?
We are operating in many different countries within Europe, which also means we are subject to many different economies, tax-systems, minimum wages and transportations routes. As a result, we have to cover different costs in different countries, which we unfortunately need to compensate with different kilo prices in different places.

How long are my Kilos of Vintage Love valid for?
Your code will be valid two years from the date of issue.

On which events can I redeem my Kilos of Vintage Love?
The code is valid for all events within the category you have chosen.

Can I give it as a present?
We would be delighted! How about, get 3 kgs and share it with your best friend?
All you have to do is show us the code at the weighing station at our events!

How do I redeem my Kilos of Vintage Love?
You can redeem your Kilos of Vintage Love code at any event within two years after the date of issue, by simply joining our events and showing the code that you received via email at the weighing station after you’ve chosen your vintage treasures. Our team will scan the code at and voilà! You just redeemed your Kilos Vintage Love!

What if I do not find anything on the event?
That would be a pity, but it is not a problem. You can keep your Kilos of Vintage Love
for up to two years after the date of issue. In addition, you can also split your kgs, e.g. if you only find one item of 350g on the event, you are still able to redeem the rest of 650g on the next event you’d like to join.