Sizing Guide

Information about our sizing guidelines 

Size Chart:

Honestly, it can be quite hard to find a general size chart applicable to all kinds of items - especially if those items are second hand and vintage.

Nonetheless, we at Vinokilo are doing our best to find a chart that will help you find the perfect item.


What does dash "-" or slash "/" mean in sizes?

Sometimes you will find item sized like this "S-M" or "S/M". No, this is not an unfortunate typo, it does actually mean one of two things:


The Dash "-":

The Dash means that the item fits both sizes before and after the "-". 

E.g: "Vinokilo Green Crazy Shirt S-M" means that this crazy shirt fits the size as well as the size M.


The Slash "/":

Slash means that the actual size of the item lies somewhere in between.

E.g: "Vinokilo Blue Denim Shirt M/L" means that this denim shirt fits somewhere between and L.


Unisex Size (only for Bottoms):

This field simply represents the waist of the garment in inches.