Dear readers, this Thursday is all about the joy that vintage fashion brings to the world. Of course, to some of us, clothes or shopping in general occupies a special place in our hearts, however, vintage fashion is related to elements that are rather odd, especially when talking about clothing items, such as discussion and personality. And this is exactly what makes it so special.  So, keep reading this post and you will find out how jackets and jeans connect people.


We say that vintage clothes are more than clothes, they are story-tellers. Why? Well, because they have a history. Vintage items would normally be of the same age as you or even older and they challenge your imagination through the lands they might have travelled or the moments they lived together with the previous owner. But hey, we could talk forever about the stories that come together with purchasing a vintage item, so if you are eager to know more, go ahead and read this.


Before we go much deeper into the topic, it is worth mentioning the difference between vintage clothes and modern retro clothing. Retro clothes are inspired by trends from a different era, but are manufactured today and you can often find them everywhere. If you decide to go for a more vintage authentic look, we recommend you look for vintage originals that you can easily find at Vinokilo. We'd say that the list of reasons is never ending, but the main one sounds as follows: 


  • Vintage clothes are pretty rare, so if you really want to stand out, go vintage and you won't have to worry about the 'Who were it best' column. Unless the vintage destiny strikes twice on the same day, but we can assure you that it is not very likely to happen.
  • By purchasing vintage clothes, you can still have the opportunity to choose quality over quantity. Because the ugly truth is that nowadays clothes are cheaper to make, but not always cheaper to own. No matter the quality of the design, the garment is made to save manufacturer's money. So, the only way a person could experience a more authentic luxurious feel at a less luxurious price is by choosing vintage.
  • There's always something magical in the vintage clothes' ability to literally start a conversation between two strangers in a way that modern clothing doesn't. When you wear vintage, you actually wear a journey and people just want to know more about it. It is truly beautiful to see how dressing in a certain way reaches out to people around you without having to say a word.


Now that we told you all our vintage secrets, it's your turn to share with us your experience with vintage clothes. When did you last partner with vintage and what is the best memory you have of that time?